Welcome to Stockholm International Water Institute

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is a policy institute that seeks sustainable solutions to the world’s escalating water crisis. SIWI manages projects, synthesises research and publishes findings and recommendations on current and future water, environment, governance and human development issues. http://www.siwi.org/ SIWI serves as a platform for knowledge sharing and networking between the scientific, business, policy and civil society communities…. Read more →

Strawberry Beverage May Reduce Chronic Inflammation

EmaxHealth(Internal Content) – publication date: 27/05/2011 Chronic inflammation, which is associated with cardiovascular disease and other serious health conditions, may be reduced by consuming a strawberry beverage. Obese subjects who drank the beverage along with a high-carb, moderate-fat meal had lower levels of inflammatory markers. Strawberries contain anti-inflammatory compounds Chronic inflammation has been linked to diabetes, obesity, insulin resistance, Alzheimer’s… Read more →

Nestlé wins Stockholm Industry Water Award

7 June – Nestlé to receive award from the Stockholm International Water Institute for efforts to improve water management in our supply chain, including our work with farmers. Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe said: “I am most grateful for this recognition. We have identified water as the biggest challenge for future food security, and beyond that, for economic growth.  This is probably… Read more →

Strasingle e NOTTE BIANCA dello Sport a Bergamo

  Il 4 giugno 2011 in occasione della NOTTE BIANCA dello Sport a Bergamo, per la quale sono attese oltre 100mila persone,si svolgerà la prima Strasingle Bergamo in versione Notturna,una marcia non competitiva dedicata a chi è in cerca dell’Anima Gemella. L’evento ha ancora uno scopo benefico verso la nostra Associazione. **Potete iscriverVi direttamente da noi per ricevere il pacco… Read more →

Lo Spirito del Pianeta - Festival 2011

Lo Spirito del Pianeta – Festival 2011

http://www.lospiritodelpianeta.it/home.html GRUPPI PARTECIPANTI 2011 GOCOO – Giappone INDIANI CREE – Canada INDIOS EMBERA – Panama LA NOTTE DEI TAMBURI CICIMECA – Messico POLYNESIA – Polynesia SAOR PATROL – Scozia KINH – Vietnam GULUN – Yakutia Russia OSPITI SPECIALI 2011 LOUIE LEONARDO Louie Leonardo Indios Taino(Repubblica Domenicana) protagonist of the film “La punta della lancia”   >>> SANDRO CORTINOVIS Sandro Cortinovis (Bergamasco),… Read more →

Michel Comte Crescendo fotografico

Michel Comte Crescendo fotografico

http://www.triennale.org/michelcomte/ Michel Comte Crescendo fotografico 10 maggio – 3 luglio 2011 Triennale di Milano a cura di Walter Keller Ingresso 6,00/5,00/4,00 Catalogo Carlo Cambi Editore Orari: martedì-domenica 10.30-20.30 – giovedì e venerdì 10.30-23.00 La storia è già nota a livello internazionale, ma vale la pena raccontarla ancora una volta: nato a Zurigo nel 1954, Michel Comte, un giovane fotografo autodidatta,… Read more →